Another PIHRA Event – “Unleashing the Leader in You” by Cecilia Gorman

PIHRA South Bay Upcoming Meeting

What & Who:

Unleashing the Leader in You

Presented by Cecilia Gorman  


Thursday, January 10th

7:30am – 9:45am


The Ayres Hotel

14400 Hindry Ave
Hawthorne, California  90250

Unleashing the Leader in You

Presented by Cecilia Gorman


Leaders have the power to make or break a company. Not only are they responsible for making good business decisions, they shape the mindset, growth and impact of the rest of the employees in the organization. For such an important role, people often need help connecting their individual development efforts to organizational success.


In this insightful keynote, Cecilia Gorman breaks down key factors of great leadership, and shows HR professionals simple steps to take to drive employee initiative in moving their own career forward. It’s imperative to make the connection between employee leadership efforts and overall business strategy, and in this session we’ll show you how.


Using actionable, self-directed lessons applicable to business (and life), this presentation helps attendees discover ways to empower their employees in taking swift and concerted action that ultimately impacts not only their own leadership growth, but also the growth of their team, department and company as a whole.


This session will help HR professionals’ springboard a positive shift in leadership at their organization. We all have an awe-inspiring leader inside of us. This session will help unleash it.


Key Learning Points


How to inspire employees with a “leaders at every level” mindset to impact organizational success

• Learn ways to use individual leadership development efforts as a critical part of business strategy

• Discover methods to encourage employees to drive their careers forward in effective and inspiring ways