Navigating Change with Confidence

You have probably seen a meme with the quote from the Greek philosopher, “The only constant in life is change.” It feels true, especially now. While change is often a needed catalyst for progress, it can also be a source of apprehension. In this article, I’d like to share current change management strategies and give […]

Ghost Proof Your Job Search

Have you experienced the frustration of being ghosted after applying or interviewing for a position? I’ve heard a lot about this trend in my recent conversations with job seekers. To dive deeper into this issue, I conducted a poll on LinkedIn, which got over 150 responses. The results revealed that 69% of the respondents expressed […]

Competitive Advantage: Holistic Candidate and Employee EX

Attracting and retaining top performers requires a holistic approach that transcends salary expectations alone. Discerning candidates and employees prioritize meaningful experiences, which shape their perception of your company and influence their decisions. Today, I am sharing resources that can help inform your company about elevating your hiring and retention process. Why Candidate Experience Matters: Candidate […]

Unlocking Talent Development in a Changing World

The familiar ground beneath our feet has become a dynamic terrain for talent leaders. Some days, it feels as if the hiring landscape resembles a thrilling yet potentially perilous rollercoaster, propelled by diverse forces – from accelerating tech demands and remote work revolutions to economic uncertainties and ever-evolving skill requirements. In this month’s blog, we […]

Roaring Success: Cultivating Leadership Excellence

I recently came across a fascinating statistic from consultant Korn Ferry stating that 82% of executive recruiters cite leadership abilities, not specialized technical skills, as the critical factor in executive hires. This signals an organizational shift toward evaluating leadership potential and the skills that allow someone to inspire teams, adapt to complex situations, and guide […]

Cracking the Code: AI for Hiring

As artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities advance, we have an exciting opportunity to leverage these technologies to transform recruiting and hiring. In this article, we’ll explore how AI is reshaping talent acquisition and provide actionable tips for implementing AI to crack the code on hiring. Automation of Screening Assessments One of the most time-consuming parts of […]

Best Hiring Practices: What You Need to Know Now

Unemployment rates are at a 45-year low, which is good for workers. However, it means that companies face a tight labor market and need to be more strategic about hiring practices. This article will discuss some of the current best hiring practices companies can use to attract and retain top talent. Rethink Traditional Hiring Approaches […]

Embracing the #1 Business Advantage: Adaptability

As the world continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly essential for individuals and organizations to embrace adaptability. Unquestionably, adapting to changing circumstances is crucial for success in both personal and corporate settings. In this article, I will share insights and resources to help you cultivate a partnership mindset, attract, develop, and retain top talent, […]

2 Steps to Take Now to Boost Your Hiring Process

The hiring process has only gotten more complex in the past few months. I want to share resources and suggestions to help you boost your hiring process. What is working in today’s hiring environment? We will examine what numbers are significant to track and how to streamline your hiring process. You can also survey your […]

Is Resilience & Adaptability Learned?

Resilience and adaptability have become business buzzwords over this past year. I wanted to learn more about both these terms – especially adaptability. I wondered if the ability to adapt to disruptions successfully and quickly is an innate trait. Or is it something that can be learned? Turns out it is a little of both. […]