Roaring Success: Cultivating Leadership Excellence

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I recently came across a fascinating statistic from consultant Korn Ferry stating that 82% of executive recruiters cite leadership abilities, not specialized technical skills, as the critical factor in executive hires. This signals an organizational shift toward evaluating leadership potential and the skills that allow someone to inspire teams, adapt to complex situations, and guide companies through challenges. 

Developing Key Leadership Skills

But what does it really mean to demonstrate leadership? How can we objectively measure or quantify that elusive quality? As an Executive Recruiter, I’m continually looking for resources to help leaders at all levels better understand their own tendencies, learn practical tips, and expand their skill sets. In 10 ChatGPT Prompts Learn New Leadership Skills in 2024, you can work with the LLM to develop your leadership skills further.

I’m also eager to share the concrete, practical strategies offered by the experts featured in the Forbes article New Year, New Leader-6 Leadership Podcasts to Listen to in 2024. These podcasts emphasize the importance of humility, transparency, accountability, and kindness. Rather than an intimidating process, leadership improvement becomes an ongoing journey of self-discovery.

Assessing Your Own Leadership Style

Another fun starting point is examining your leadership style across various contexts, from volunteer groups to special projects to parenting. This University of Massachusetts Global quiz asks questions about your approach. Then, it categorizes you as one of nine leadership archetypes, such as “creative visionary,” “strategic executor,” or “empathetic advisor.” Let me know what you get!

Once you better understand your instincts, you can tailor your growth. For example, are you naturally an “influencer” who radiates passion but sometimes struggles with follow-through? Consider honing your planning abilities. 

What Do Organizations Value in Leaders?

Entrepreneur makes a great point in If You Want People to Follow You, Stop Being a Boss-8 Steps to Truly Effective Leadership. The terms boss and leader are often used interchangeably, But what defines a leader is not how well they can give orders and ensure compliance, but how well they draw out the best in people and steer their group towards shared victories. High-impact leaders at all levels of an organization lead to business success, and leadership mentoring might be the way to get us there.

The Most Critical Leadership Quality

Now, over to you. Based on your experience, what leadership quality is most critical for inspiring teams and driving organizations forward? Do you have any favorite leadership resources you’d like to share? I’d love to hear more.

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