What Does Effective Leadership Look Like Now?

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Nine months into the global pandemic, navigating new continuously changing business situations, it is fair to say that everyone’s leadership skills have certainly been tested this year. This month in my informational e-mails, I shared a curated group of articles and resources that address what effective leadership looks like now. Below is an overview I hope you find helpful.

Considering Priorities

“Should Leaders Focus on People or Results?” a recent article on LinkedIn by Dr. Travis Bradbury asks which makes a better leader-the manager focused on relationships and employee growth, or the one who aims for results. And the answer is…neither. Having a balanced perspective that allows a leader to consider human perspectives and the big picture is the goal. Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to deliver feedback in a way that is both useful and considerate.
  • Put together a strategic plan to reach a business goal and identify which team members have the strengths and skills to fulfill that plan. Many managers excel at one or the other.
  • Create the right environment for team problem-solving where all members get heard.
  • Hire well – have a hiring system that identifies the candidates who will perform well and become a valuable member of the larger team.

Actions You Can Take Right Now

From the Harvard Business School/Working Knowledge article “18 Tips Managers Can Use to Lead Through COVID’s Rising Waters” by Sean Silverthorne comes this research-based list. Bonus – the newsletter sign-up comes with a current leadership research report free download with a lot of useful, actionable data. If you are a leader tasked with guiding a team right now, here are some key takeaways:

  • It is a good time for a team Work From Home Re-Launch. This relaunch would involve acknowledging current realities, making sure everyone has the tools and equipment they need to continue to perform well from home, and solidify shared priorities.
  • As a leader, it helps to cultivate the “Seven C’s” for yourself and your team. They are: calm, confidence, communication, collaboration, community, compassion, and cash. (Cash equals conserving operating expenses for a more extended transition than we all had initially planned).
  • Find a virtual community to learn from other managers who are creatively solving problems right now.
  • Strategic planning should include uncertainty as forecasts are continually changing. Include several if/then possibilities in your planning so you and your team can be flexible about reaching your desired outcome.

Additional Resources:

The success of a structured organization depends on effective leadership. Real leadership sometimes does not come with an executive title. Science of People’s article “What is Leadership” covers 15 essential and science-backed leadership skills that can be learned. This blog is a clear breakdown of evergreen topics like logic vs. emotion, going for the small yes, and even where to sit at a conference table.

And finally, many of you may be familiar with Michael Hyatt. Michael believes it is not just about getting everything done, but getting the right things done. His message is helpful and welcome these days. Check out his website. It is focused on having a well-rounded and successful life, both at work and at home.

I would love to hear from you about this article or any challenges you may be facing right now – including hiring challenges. You can message me here on LinkedIn, or call me at 310-374-2856. Alternatively, are you (or someone you know) job searching right now? Check out some of the great positions we are hiring for on our website.