What is Candidate Journey Mapping?

Candidate Journey Mapping is a process of creating a visual representation (map) of all interactions candidates have with your Employer Brand during their Candidate Journey.

Candidate Journey Mapping Definition

Candidate Journey Mapping is a process of creating a visual representation (map) of a Candidate Journey.

Candidate Journey is the expression used to describe 6 stages through which job seekers go through:


Candidate Journey CB & Associates

Throughout their candidate journey, candidates will have multiple interactions with your Employer Brand. These interactions happen both online and offline.

For example, a candidate can:

-See your job advertisement on a job board
-Visit your career site and read your career blog
-Check the ratings of your company on a company review sites
-Visit your company’s Facebook page
-Join your Talent Network
-Talk to your company representative at the career fair
-Fill out your online job application
-Come in for the interview, etc.

These points of interaction that a candidate has with your Employer Brand are called touchpoints

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The aim of Candidate Journey Mapping is to create a Candidate Journey Map – a visual representation of all the touchpoints candidates have with your Employer Brand.

The Benefits of Candidate Journey Mapping

A Candidate Journey Map is a great tool for improving your Candidate Experience.

It will help you to put yourself in your candidates’ shoes and enable you to better understand their needs, wants and fears in different phases of their journey.

You will gain valuable insights into their view of your recruiting process. By analyzing candidates’ interactions with your Employer Brand, you will be able to identify both advantages and bottlenecks of your entire recruiting process.

As a result, you will know exactly how to align your Recruitment Marketing strategy to deliver a great Candidate Experience at each touchpoint of a Candidate Journey.

How to Map a Candidate Journey?

If you want to learn how to create a Candidate Journey Map, check out our Step-by-step guide to Candidate Journey Mapping! This blog has been shared from TalentLyft.

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