7 Creative Interview Questions To Ask Millennials

BY PAUL FALCONE So much is being written about Generation Y, a.k.a. the “Millennials” and the “Next Generation,” in terms of their influence in the workplace and on society overall, and for good reason: There are 90 million Millennials that were born roughly between the years of 1980 and 2000, and this massive demographic bubble […]

7 Emerging Trends in Sales That Will Disrupt Your Business

By Christina DesMarais CREDIT: Getty Images Looking into a crystal ball isn’t exactly a scientific thing to do, but if you ask the right kinds of smart people you can get a pretty good idea what’s likely to come down the pike. And considering every company on the planet is alive thanks to the selling of […]

Had a Job Interview but No Callback? Here’s What to Do Next Time

By Christopher Mele Job seekers at an employment fair in San Marcos, Calif. Credit Sandy Huffaker/Corbis, via Getty Images Days have passed since your job interview, and no one’s called or emailed. Later, you learn someone else was hired for the position. You were sure you aced the interview and would advance to the next round, […]

Upcoming PIHRA Event

Thursday, June 8 7:30am – 9:45am  “Do I Have to Pay My Employees for That??” Common Wage & Hour Mistakes for California Employers, Including a Discussion of the California Fair Pay Act. One of the most common pitfalls for California employers is not knowing when and how to pay employees when they are at work […]

Five New, Annoying Interview Questions You’ll Hear In 2017

Story by: Liz Ryan, Forbes Contributor   I love to hear about employers who are stepping out of the old-fashioned Machine Age mindset to treat their employees and job applicants like valued collaborators. I am glad to hear those stories, but I am never short of correspondence describing the opposite scenario! Too many organizations cling to […]

The Challenger Sale: Selling With Insights

If you work in sales, your boss likely recommended you read the Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation by Brent Adamson and Matthew Dixon. It’s not just any old book — it’s a relatively recent classic that challenges the emphasis on relationship building in sales, and brings to light, through research, a proven […]

Upcoming Event: PIHRA May 17th, 2017 It’s Happy Hour!

Happy Hour Mixer! One of the greatest benefits of being a PIHRA member is the ability to network with other local Human Resource professionals! Join us Wednesday May 17th from 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm for a special happy hour event, hosted by PIHRA South Bay. Meet new friends, business contacts and build lifelong relationships […]

45 Things to Do on Social Media to Find Jobs

by Erin Greenawald If you’re a smart job searcher, you have probably researched everything there is to know about resumes, cover letters, interviews, and all of the other job-searching basics. But you might not be as familiar with the newest technique for searching for jobs: social media. Sure, most people know how to use social […]